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General Disclaimer –

Northeast Surfing LLC, or anyone who represents NES Surf Co, including all or any of our online web sites, is not responsible for any surf/wind reports posted on our site by anyone at any time, any changing or existing surf conditions, weather conditions, dangerous conditions, rip tides, undertows, or any other surf , weather, and or swimmers, buoys, surfers, surfboards, ocean obstructions, trash, wood, sticks, trees, ocean wild life, mentioned or not mentioned here, any or all conditions that you or anyone encounters as a result of information that was received, expressed, Viewed on any of our Beach- Surf Cams, surf/wind reports, general website, or enquired, passed to, stated, read by, emailed, mentioned or not mentioned, by this site or anyone representing this site. Including and not limited to surf spots, waves, wind or general weather information in the reports, forecasts, links, cams, or any other information posted on this site, including our Beach Surf Cams. is not liable for any type of harm resulting from the use of the information contained in or from this site. This site is for informational purposes only and the information that we post is collected, viewed, loaned, with no limits to and from other surf companies, etc. Are copyrights of said. Our forecast is put together using weather, surf, ocean, tools, and is not, will not, be perfect, but posted to the best of our knowledge. If you have any questions please email us above. We high recommend that everyone, surfers, non-surfers, etc, please read our Education page. This site is Best Viewed with I.E./ Some Photos borrowed and are copyrights of those web sites, or companies. They are to display information only and shall not be used in any violation of copyright laws. Northeast Surfing LLC, is a Limited Liability Cooperation and is licensed in the State of Massachusetts. All rights reserved copyrights © 2002-2008 USA, images, videos, text, cams, and designs.

Community –

ALL SPAM WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE BAND. You may use our community at your own risk, northeast surfing llc is not responsible for comments made in this community, we ask that only those persons older then the age of 13 can join. Again use at your own risk. No Spam, or free advertising for your websites, you may post links if you find websites that you like, any spam, or advertisements will be deleted and banned. Generally un-moderated, but these simple policies are enforced on occasion, and messages can get deleted. Read use of terms on the bottom of the community’s pages. This is our house, and these are our rules. Show respect while you are visiting us please, or your IP addresses and user names will be not allow here.

Cam Disclaimer –

Northeast Surfing LLC, owns and operates three surf and beach cams, which are listed on our site’s cam page. These cams are Nantasket beach, Hull, MA – Newport, RI, Easton Beach, cam one – Newport, RI, Easton Beach, cam two. We would like to remind everyone that our cams are on public beaches that are easy to find, and are well known surf spots. Regardless of what you may think, surf cams DO NOT bring more traffic to the beaches. In the past few years, surfing as a sport has doubled in surfers all over the world. You can blame this on television, movies, and the media. This website is designed to help instruct newcomers who have no idea that there are rules, and a code. They are coming either way, so it is better to direct and educate them.

All our cams are protected by US copyright laws (read below). Our cams are located on private property and any trespassing on these grounds with intent to tamper with any of our cams is strictly forbidden by law. All of our cams also double as an axis security system, designed to protect the grounds where our cams are located, equipped with motion detectors, silent alarms, and recorded images. Northeast surfing LLC, and the said companies who house our cams will prosecute to the full extent of the laws, any wrong doing towards our cams, or properties where our cams are located.

Northeast surfing LLC or any properties who house are cams are not responsible for any thing, item, person, or persons, who are viewed, by our cam users at any times, from anywhere on the World Wide Web. Our cams are housed on private properties with views both private and public. These cams are viewed on the World Wide Web by anyone, anywhere, and at anytime 24 hours a day whether the person being viewed knows they are being watched or not. We are also not responsible for the actions of anyone not associated with Northeast Surfing LLC, who is being viewed by the user of our web site cams, from anywhere in the world. All our cams take image recorded shots of their view every few seconds of the day and are recorded in a data base. Also the cams alone are under security surveillance for protection of the cams, and said properties. Whether you know you’re being watched by any users of our cams, or not, Northeast Surfing LLC is not responsible for your actions, display, presence, while in the view of any of our cams, at any time. Also including the actions of others, person, persons, while in the view of our cams while the user, users, are watching the cam, or not. We cannot control, or be responsible for the actions of others, person, persons, while in the view of any of our cams that are being streamed in any format on the World Wide Web. Any users of our cams, watch them, use them, at their own risk.

Northeast Surfing LLC will not compensate anyone for their appearance on any of our cams, whether they know or not know that are being viewed on the World Wide Web by any or all of our cams. Regardless of your employment status, any or all agreements you may have with any organization, talent, skill, gift, employment title, membership, union contract, or any legal bonds, mentioned or not mentioned here. Northeast Surfing LLC will not pay funds to anyone for any reason for appearing in the view of any of our cams, and any or all person, persons who appear within any of our cams views do so at their own risk and will. Northeast Surfing LLC. Copyrights 2008.

Northeast Surfing llc Copyrights –

Anyone is welcome to link to us with text, banners, or small cam images that MUST link to our site. The small cam images must link to our site, and can only be posted with permission from northeast surfing llc. Please contact us for more details. All Images, Cams, and Videos, are copyrights of northeast surfing llc. NES cams, cam source, images, videos, are owned by Northeast Surfing LLC. The actual cam, cam source code, cam feeds, cam video in any format, any and all images produced by this cam in any format, is copyrights of northeast surfing llc. Any unauthorized use of this actual cam, cam source code, cam feeds, cam video in any format, any and all images produced by this cam in any format, is strictly prohibited by us copyright laws under the said business license of northeast surfing llc. If you would like permission to post this cam, in any other format then a simple text link, please contact northeast surfing llc in writing to explain what your plans are. Every request will be considered without prejudice. Any persons, companies, who without written permission from northeast surfing llc, who uses our, actual cam, cam source code, cam feeds, cam video in any format, any and all images produced by this cam in any format, could face criminal and or civil prosecution. Please send all requests to our email on this page above. Weather data provided by, and NOAA, for display only and are copyrights of said companies.