• Canopy Included With Table
    For an hour after the Lesson for you to Decorate.

Nantasket Beach Surfing Parties / Surf Birthday – Parties – Bachelorette – Bachelor – Work Place Bonding Surf Lessons

Northeast Surfing Academy provides lesson Surf Parties and Surf with friends sessions in Hull, on Nantasket Beach, Massachusetts, for both adults and children, ages 7 and over. We will host your child's Surf party on the beach up to 12 children or 8 adults per party. 

Our Surf School Parties or Surf With Friends Sessions will help children or adults enjoy and appreciate the ocean while experiencing the thrill of surfing/paddleboarding at that special time of the year. The party starts with our experience male and female staff teaching your child how to surf with a land lesson, including safety, surfer education, and then course the surf lesson on the waves. The total Surf Lesson is one hour and will start on time, so we ask that you have parents show up about 15 minutes before the lesson to fill out our company disclaimer. Or ask us to email them to you.

Add Pizza: The pizza is a great idea for some fun, clean, food, during your party. Most of our customers enjoy this option and found that sand is NOT an issue with food at the beach. Your welcome to stay later with your own set up on the beach. Free parking is located in the area during these times its usually easy. You pay for the pizza option on your own we will provide the number to a local pizza shop that delivers. 

Ages Groups: Children are considered ages 7 to 16 years old. Adults are anyone 17 and older. We provide these birthday parties to any one ages 7 & over. All ages over 7 years old are welcomed to all parties. 

Cost of the Party: The cost of the surfing party is 10 (Youth) $349.00. Youth $25.00 extra per person. Add Adults $35.00 extra person. (Add students the day of the party.) Total 25 students MAX firm. 

 Add PIZZA delivered hot Canopy included, Safe, Clean, environment for food, on rock area Email us for more flexible options. We allow a max of 25 students. You pay for pizza credit card or cash. 

Already Booked? Download Disclaimer here. Want Pizza here is the information you need to add the Pizza Experience. 

L Street Pizza - 781-925-9009. Tell them to deliver to Northeast Surfing Tent next to 99 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA.