About Us

    Northeast Surfing.com -  a strong resource for surf and snow sports, outdoor recreation sports information in the Northeast, USA. Covering a large range of outdoor sports. Surfing, paddleboarding, windsurfing, kayaking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing. We offer a wide selection of forecast tools, links, live cams, schools, shops, news & events, reports, spots, videos, photos, education, and more. We own and operate six live surf cams on major surf breaks in the Northeast, with millions of page views a year. Our team is made of Professional Surfers, Mountain Bikers, Skiers, Snowboarders, Windsurfers, and Paddleboarders. Ronnie Lees is our founder and Northeast Surfing personality. Known in the surfing & skiing industry. Northeast Surfing Productions. Film and media. Social media productions. Promoting products, offering advertising, promoting outdoor sports videos and media. Surf & Ski interviews, resort & surf break reviews. Television interviews. Personality appearances. Hosting events. Event sponsorships. Surfer sponsorships. Contest sponsorships. 

    Northeast Surfing Academy - is an educated based National Surf Schools and Instructors Association Surf Academy located on Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts. We focus on building inner self confidence for children and at the same time teaching them respect for the environment, while experiencing the thrill of surfing. Accredited by the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association, NSSIA Certified Lifeguard Surf Instructors, Red Cross CPR - First Aid Trained, State CORI and SORI checked, State Permitted, Insured, State Board of Health Regulated, Eastern Surf Association Members, 20 Years Experience. Education Based Professional Surf Academy. The NSSIA is an Accreditation & Professional Certification for surf schools & instructors for Standup Paddle (SUP) and Surfing coaches. We offer surf lessons, surf camps, paddleboard lessons, yoga & paddleboarding classes, rentals. Fitness programs. 

    Northeast Surfing Rentals - Northeast Surfing rents Paddleboards, Surfboards, Bikes and wetsuits. Out of our rental cart and surf shop. 

    Northeast Surfing Shop - Shop has rentals, retail sales, surf lessons, refreshments. 

    History: Northeast Surfing was founded in 2001 by Ronnie Lees. In October of 2002 Northeast Surfing.com went online. In June of 2003 the first surf cam was launched on Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts. That same year the second surf cam was launched in Newport Rhode Island on First Beach. Ronnie Lees would spend the next three years driving from New Jersey to Maine promoting the website and surfing with locals. In 2003 the forecast area and surf reports areas were added.  In 2004 Northeast Surfing School was started. Surf Lessons were given at Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts out of the Northeast Surfing Truck. 

    As Northeast Surfing became popular and well known it was time to grow.  In 2006 an investor was brought into the company and Northeast Surfing LLC was started. That same year the In 2006 "Mulligans Island Root Beer" Company upgraded the Newport Cam for ad space. Northeast Surfing upgraded the Nantasket Beach Hull Surf Cam and moved the cam to Barefoot Bob's on Nantasket Beach. Northeast Surfing started a new ad campaign which attracted lots of small businesses. Northeast Surfing's website traffic made the website very popular around the world. In 2006 a second surf cam was launched in Newport Rhode Island on the West Side of First Beach.  In 2008 the Facebook and Twitter Pages were launched. In 2011 Northeast Surfing Academy was launched. In 2012 Northeast Surfing became accredited by the NSSIA (National Surf Schools and Instructors Association.) In 2013 Northeast Surfing Academy expanded the youth surf camps and grew to over 30 students a week. In 2014 both the Narragansett Rhode Island Surf Cam and the Marshfield Massachusetts Surf Cam were launched. In 2015 Northeast Surfing Academy youth programs grew to over 60 students a week. In 2016 Northeast Surfing Shop & Rentals opened their doors located in Hull, Massachusetts at 540 Nantasket Ave. This same year Northeast Surfing Beach Cart open across from the state beach in Hull as well.

    In 2019 the shops closed and the company became owned by just Ronnie Lees again. The location at 99 Hull Shore Drive remand open, and the surf camps on the beach grew even more. The one hour surf lessons really took off in 2021, as well as the camps. The number of students we're now in the thousands. Around this time both Hannah Lees, and Matthew Lees became more involved in the company. In 2023 Hannah Lees was promoted to Camp Director of the Youth Surf Academy Camps. Matthew Lees was promoted to Academy Camp Director of the Adult Surf Academy Camps. The website was now at 5 surf cameras and still maintained the same website traffic it has over the years. 

    Today Our goals remain the same, to surfers with all different abilities surfing knowledge and education. General information, forecasts, reports, and live cams, with the point of keeping it local. Our shop is located on Nantasket Beach in beautiful Hull, Massachusetts, where during the months of June, July, August, and September, we run a Surf Academy and rentals.

    Northeast Surfing Academy and Paddleboard Adventures help beginners enjoy and appreciate the ocean while experiencing the thrill of surfing. Since 2002 we have been helping students of all ages learn how to surf on Nantasket Beach. Northeast Surfing helps introduce ocean safety and surf etiquette, discuss ocean science topics such as waves and tides, marine biology, winds, coastal ecology and beach profiles, as well as teaches stretching and exercises for young and old surfers, and provides closely supervised hands-on instruction in the water. Located on the State Beach part of Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachstts near the last bath house. Northeast Surfing is certified by the NSSIA.

    The National Surf Schools and Instructors Association (NSSIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering surf etiquette, water safety, and quality surfing instruction programs through professional instructor development, education, accreditation and research.

    NSSIA will actively educate and petition state and local governments the advantages of licensing all surf schools and surf instructors and to license only qualified and active graduated members of NSSIA thereby ensuring governments that NSSIA’s active members are well qualified and current in safety and teaching techniques.

    Northeast Surfing Ocean Cams are great to watch storms, winds, waves, or to just check out the cool beaches and the live ocean. Or just follow us around the Northeast, chasing and riding storms, hurricanes, and blizzards. Feel free to visit our site credit here, and read our website disclaimer here. We thank our success to the Massachusetts DCR, the Hull, MA, HRA and the thousands of online and offline visitors a year.