• Hour Surf Lessons
    On Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach Surf Lessons

Northeast Surfing Academy is located on Nantasket Beach, in Hull, MA. We are located on the beach at our mobile surf shop in Hull, MA. We provide surf lessons seven days a week between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm. You can book a lesson by calling, online or visiting us on the beach. From July 1, to September 20th every year we are open for surf and paddleboarding lessons, rentals.  


We are Accredited by the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association and fully insured. All of our Northeast Surfing Staff are trained surf instructors with over 20 years of surfing experience. 

Our goal: As a major surf company our goal is to help newcomers to our sport understand the rules of the waters, respect, and safety. We want paddleboarders to understand the idea behind paddleboarding, learn the how to of the sport, while having fun in the water. Paddleboarding Can be soul searching and allow adults and children the opportunity to understand more about life.

The Process: Once you arrive payment is made, we suit you up in a wetsuit if needed, disclaimers are signed. This process takes about 15 minutes. Next we take short walk to the beach with boards in hand. Everything is included in the price. The wetsuit, Surfboard, NSSIA Accredited Surf Lesson. 

Classes can be up to 5 students to 1 NSSIA Certified Surf Instructor. On the beach at least a 20 minute lesson is giving, this part of the lesson is a workout and fun at the same time. The beach lesson includes a safety class, popping up on a  surfboard class, correct standing on the surfboard class and another safety class before heading into the ocean. The ocean lesson is about 45 minutes long. Where we practice what we learned on the beach. We start with pushing most students into waves, as we move forward each student gets to go right away and this process is fun and fast. Next we work on timing the waves. But just a little a more advanced lesson is needed for that. 

Everything starts with the basics: In Surfing, nothing beats a good groundwork of fundamental skills, as this will make the learning process easier and a lot more fun. Moreover, getting those basics right during the early stages of learning will help improve your performance, giving you more confidence before actually riding a wave. Learning the basics in a Surf lesson is definitely to your advantage as it will make the learning process easier and much quicker. In this section, know the different skills you need to learn in Surfing:

  • Safety - Accredited and Certified by the NSSIA we take safety very seriously. We will teach all students of all ages how to be safer in the ocean. Because if your NOT safe you can't have fun. 
  • Body & Board Positioning - Having the right position will improve board stability. This is also in preparation for the technique that every beginner wants to do - standing on a Surfboard.
  • Getting into the Water - After assuming the right position of your body on the board while on the beach, you can move on to the real playground. Learn how to get into the water with your board.
  • Paddling - Paddling the right way is one of the most important techniques to learn in Surfing. In this section, learn how to paddle and pick up some pointers on how to make paddling efficient.
  • Sitting on the Surfboard - Sitting on your Surfboard gives you a better view of the oncoming waves than when you are paddling out. Learn how to sit on your board in this section.
  • Catching a Wave - You obviously cannot surf without knowing how to catch a wave correctly. In this section, pick up some helpful tips on how to catch an unbroken wave.
  • Wipeout - In the Surfing world, Wipeout means falling off your Surfboard. This can lead to injuries, so it is important to be very cautious when wiping out.
  • Standing on the Surfboard (on the beach) - You have reached the final phase where you culminate everything you have learned. But before you try to stand up on your board out in the water, make sure to do this drill first.
  • Standing on the Surfboard (in the water) - Standing on the Surfboard as you ride the waves is an exhilarating experience. As a popular saying goes, 'only a surfer knows the feeling'. Learn how to do the pop-up in this section. Nobody says that learning to surf is a piece of cake, though it is our goal to teach you or your child how to stand on the surfboard and surf a wave.

Definition of Programs -

  • Class Lesson - Class of students together or strangers in same class (surfing 5) (paddleboarding 5)
  • Group Lesson - Groups of 6 or more students arriving together.
  • Camp / Week Academy - Any 5 day programs.
  • Tour or Cruise - An advanced lesson with a coastline adventure.
  • Rentals - Any payments given in return for use of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions -

  • Can I keep the equipment after the lesson? You can rent the boards see our rental page for the cost. 
  • Do you provide any photography or video recording options? We have some go pros you can rent and boards with mounts. 
  • How long does a lesson last? One hour and 15 minutes. But the lesson part is the hour. The 15 minutes is paperwork, wetsuits and walk to the beach. 
  • How much for lessons? Lessons start at $65.00 an hour.