• Northeast Surfing

  • 99 Hull Shore Drive

  • Hull, MA, 02045.


  • OPENING JUNE 1, 2022.

We are Accredited by the "NSSIA" The National Surf Schools and Instructors Association and fully insured. All of our Northeast Surfing Staff are certified surf instructors. We are located right across the street from the beach at 99 Hull Shore Drive on Nantasket Beach. Showers, bathrooms, and parking are located in the area across the street. Everything starts with the basics: In Surfing, nothing beats a good groundwork of fundamental skills, as this will make the learning process easier and a lot more fun. Moreover, getting those basics right during the early stages of learning will help improve your performance, giving you more confidence before actually riding a wave. Learning the basics in a Surf lesson is definitely to your advantage as it will make the learning process easier and much quicker. We are a surfing, paddle surf, company in MA, Massachusetts, with New England Surf Cameras from coast to coast. Offering surf lessons in Hull, MA, 45 minutes south of Boston, MA.