If your thinking why us. Here are some things to consider. 


  1. NSSIA Accredited and Certified

    Northeast Surfing Academy is Accredited and Certified by the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association. The organization is an Accreditation & Professional Certification program for Surf Schools & Surfing Instructors Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Instructors & Coaches. 

  2. Education Based Programs

    Northeast Surfing hides “education” in fun. We take pride in teaching students of all ages the knowledge required to participate in ocean sports. Learning to surf is not just about riding waves it is also about being safe and understanding the rules of the road. Part of all our programs require class time. 

  3. Reliable Equipment in Good Shape

    We take pride in all of our surfboards and paddleboards selection. We only offer the very best equipment, easy to learn on and in great condition. All our wetsuits are professionally cleaned daily and in between each hour lessons or week camps. We at Northeast Surfing understand that good working equipment can make the difference between a great time or a bad time out on the water. 

  4. Certified Instructors

    Are all fully insured, are members of the Eastern Surf Association, trained and work under Northeast Surfing NSSIA certification and accredited, all staff are (CORI) check, and have CPR / First Aid certifications. Our instructors are professional, understanding and have lots of patience to meet all student learning needs.