Member Terms.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The Executive membership live streaming cams are to the second, this option includes everything we offer on the prior page, you will be billed right away, the cost is monthly. You must cancel your membership before your next billing date and time. Keep track of your billing date if you are planning on cancelling your membership. We do not refund because a user did not canceled their account in time and was charged for another month. We do not refund because you are being billed by PayPal twice a month for the same account with us, you need to make sure your only being billed once. Make sure you only sign up for one subscription with PayPal.  We do not refund because a user can not, could not, login to their account. (We have customer server between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00pm please contact us anytime.) Northeast Surfing does not issue refunds to members for any reason. Northeast Surfing is not responsible for weather, fogging of the cam, power outages, storms, rains, snow, winds, obstructions that are out of our control, with no limits to any of these, and or may interfered with the cams displays at anytime of the day or night, or outdated surf, weather, forecast, surf reports, buoy readings, water temps, wind directions, with no limits to any of these.

To Cancel Your Membership at Any time: You must cancel by logging into Paypal and clicking on your subscriptions and cancel your subscription with Northeast Surfing. This is your responsibility not Northeast Surfing.

Sharing Your Account: Never share your account username and password. Northeast Surfing tracks this activity and will delete any account that is found to be stealing from us. 

PROMOTIONAL: Northeast Surfing runs promotions and at no time shall any current paying members benefit from any such promotions, this includes free streaming to non-members and any or all other type of promotions. 

BILLING: You are billed on the date you sign up on, and each month after that through Paypal. If you miss any payments Northeast Surfing has the right to cancel your membership, after you miss two payments Paypal automatically cancels your account with us. We only bill one email subscription with Northeast Surfing per one email with Northeast Surfing Members Area. If your being billed twice this is NOT our fault. Northeast Surfing does not handle your subscription with us, paypal does. We can not cancel your subscription with us, you must cancel with PayPal. These are the billing terms. We do NOT refund members if your being billed twice for one product. 

PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD DISPUTES: Major Credit Cards & Debit Cards accepted. After your membership is confirmed, you will be able to set up a password and user name. You will need this password and user name to view the cams. We fight every dispute that paypal send us, if you for some reason are looking for a refund for services that you received please contact us first, we may be willing to work with you. If you put in a dispute we will fight it if you agree to these terms. So contact us first so we can work with you.