Site Credits

We wanted to thank the people who are involved or have been involved in sponsoring our cams, supporting them, donating time, and dedicating them selves or companies to the maintains, the cost, and running of both of our surf cams.

CEO Northeast Surfing llc – John McInerney.

CEO Northeast Surfing llc – Ronnie Lees.

David Brunke, Our Cams in memory of

Milligans Family. (RI, Newport Cams Sponsor)

Barry Botelho. (RI, Newport Cams Manager)

Elemental Surf & Skate Newport Area. RI, (Newport Cams Sponsor)

My Ocean Front (RI, Newport Cams Sponsor)

The Chanler Hotel Newport Rhode Island. (RI, Newport Cams Sponsor)

Barefoot Bobs Nantasket Beach. (MA, Hull Cams Sponsor)

Header Images Surfer – John McInerney. Paddle Boarder – John Coelho. Girl on Surfboard, Girl in Wetsuit – Jeannine Hodge. New Jersey big waves (cam page, forecast page) – Pics, Scott A. Miller by Twitter @JerseyShoreTog.

Front Page images Skier Chris Lees, Surfer Adam Melling, Photo by Craig Parry, ( Windsurfer John McInerney.

Videos by said credits, general images by said credits.

All the NES Members & All the other website’s and Companies that link to us, promote our site and cams, and all over you.