NO Refund Policy – Terms & Conditions

Northeast Surfing Academy Programs are in a high demand. In the past our flexibility and kindness has been taken advantaged of by some. Moving forward we must enforce the polices you will read below. These polices benefit your children by ensuring the longevity of our company. Thanks for your understanding and feel free to contact us with questions.

Week Surf Academy (camps) NO Refund policy: “IMPORTANT” Once payment or deposit is made your space is reserved. Northeast Surfing will NOT refund any payments to any persons with NO exceptions. In the case of a medical emergency only with a medical note written by a doctors office. Northeast Surfing will issue a credit for the same academy activity (academy / camps only) to be used within one year by the same camper / student only.

Disclaimer: If you do not agree with this “No Refund“ policy please do NOT make a payment to Northeast Surfing. No week academy class credits can be used for any other activity Northeast Surfing offers except a week academy class by the same student you are about to book now. You CANNOT switch students for any other student at anytime. By making a payment to Northeast Surfing you agree to our polices and fully understand them.

School Camp Doctor Form: Written documentation of immunization “Camp / School / Sports form” shall be required for all campers, or a medical note clearing said camper(s). Religious Exceptions. If a camper or staff member has religious objections to physical examinations or immunizations, the camper or staff member shall submit a written statement, signed by a parent or legal guardian of the camper, to the effect that the individual is in good health and stating the reason for such objections. read more here. All paperwork is due the first day of camp. Children ages are confirmed. All ages of students are confirmed and enforced by the board of health polices. These forms MUST be passed in on each Monday, they can not be emailed to us. If you email this to us the day of camp a $10.00 fee will be charged by Venmo or invoice by email. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please agree to these terms and conditions before making a payment and signing up any students. All students must be signed up for five days in the same week of surf academy. If any student does not attend a day no refunds are offered. Once payment or deposit is made your space is reserved. Northeast Surfing will NOT refund any payments to any persons with NO exceptions. A credit will only be issued to the same student who can not attend due to medical reasons with a medical note for the following year. Northeast Surfing does not offer make up days for any students for any reason without a medical note. We do not refund based on weather, ocean conditions, storms, beach closers, mother nature events, or more. NO REFUNDS NO MATTER WHAT. 

Mother Nature: Northeast Surfing will surf in the rain, while in the ocean you won’t even feel the rain. What we don’t like is strong winds or storms. We will hold the day academy no matter what the weather is. We always meet at the beach where our tent is located all summer. We have an extremely weather proof tent with sides for real bad weather. Other plans in place to accommodate any weather situations. we do not refund if we have to cancel due to mother nature events, including not limited to weather, beach closing, etc. 

Please read Waiver Information: Northeast Surfing is a Limited Liability Company: DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT OKAY WITH THIS SECTION. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure allowed by state statute. Northeast Surfing has policies to protect and to keep our students safe while attending our surfing academy or schools, but all students and parents of our students must understand the risk involved in the sport of surfing. A legal state certified company accident wavier document must be filled out per child and signed taking away your rights, the signer, or legal representation of any said signer, to pursue any legal actions against Northeast Surfing llc, or said owners, for any reason. By signing our legal documents with or without a lawyer you fully understand the rights you lose granted to you by state or federal laws. We at Northeast Surfing make safety our number on priority. We are a small Surf Company that is known world wide by millions, and we want every student to have the best learning experience we can offer. There will be a first aid kit located on the beach, CPR certified staff and a working Phone just in case of emergencies. WE MUST follow the NSSIA (National Surf Schools and Instructors Association) policies and procedures at all times. We are certified by the NSSIA and trained with skills to keep your children or you safe at all times. Safety comes before everything.

Wetsuits Rentals: We rent wetsuits for adults and children that we professionally clean. Wetsuits are $20.00 a week. Wetsuits are the same price whether you rent for one day or for one week with all our week camps. This is a camp special. If you rent a wetsuit for a week we hold your students wetsuit in our beach cart, clean daily, and it is reserved for your student only. WE CANNOT rent that suit to anyone else. In the case the ocean warms we do not offer refunds for wetsuits that could not be rented to anyone else because you rented it. The wetsuit rental is for three hours a day for five days only and are NOT taken home by any of the students.

You must agree: YOU ARE PAYING FOR FOUR DAYS OF SURF CAMP. You will receive the 5th day for free. $299.99 for 4 days. The 5th day is either a free day or a weather day. Although if any other mother nature events happen during the week that Northeast Surfing cannot control and this causes less surfing days, Northeast Surfing is not responsible for providing refunds or credits based on these mother nature events. Including bu not limited to any mother nature events listed on this page.