Northeast Surfing PDF Forms and Files


Northeast Surfing is a professional organization held to a standards within the Surf Community beyond the rest. Certified and Accredited by the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association we are inspected yearly and MUST meet all expectations of the NSSIA. We are a fully insurance licensed surf academy with professional polices that are practiced daily. Communication is important to our success so please feel free to contact us at anytime. Please feel free to read over our polices and print out our company disclaimer.

Immunization Records: Written documentation of immunization “Camp / School / Sports form” shall be required for all campers, or a medical note clearing said camper(s). Religious Exceptions. If a camper or staff member has religious objections to physical examinations or immunizations, the camper or staff member shall submit a written statement, signed by a parent or legal guardian of the camper, to the effect that the individual is in good health and stating the reason for such objections. read more here. All paperwork is due the first day of camp. Children ages are confirmed.

If you have a surf academy coming this summer please print our company disclaimer form above.