Holiday Gift Pre-sales Registration – Friends or Family Form.

This form is to register for your surf camp pre-sale or Holiday Gift purchase in 2023 for 2024. You can add weeks as well and we will invoice you. Please check every detail what you pick is what you will receive. Only fill out this form if you pre-paid for any surf camp(s) for 2024. Do not elect more weeks than you have paid for. To add weeks let us know there is a separate webpage for this.


  1. Fill out only the amount of weeks/sessions that you have paid for.
  2. Include all student information.
  3. To add weeks check the box below letting us know to send a private link to your email.
  4. To allow friends/family to have early registration check the box to receive a private link to share with friends we will send to your email. OR YOU CAN BUY ON NEXT PAGE.
  5. Submit form.

Contact & Billing Information

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First Youth Student

YOUTH – Morning Sessions 9am to 12pm. (This is so important you do this right)
YOUTH – Afternoons Sessions 1pm to 4pm. (This is so important you do this right)

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