Early Sign up

Please submit this form to check if you are qualified to receive early registration in 2024. You never know, so please fill this out and we can go from there. Typically to qualify for early registration you must have attended surf camp at least two weeks in any given year, or have been attending for more than 2 plus years. This does not include holiday gift, pre-sales, there is a different form for that. You may share any links sent to you with only two families unless otherwise permission is given. We will email you private links for signup by January 10th, 2024.

2 Years or More
Would you like early signup on January 10th, 2024?
If yes, would you like to add two families? (to insure friends are together we allow each early signup to have two other families attend as well.)
Do you agree to keep any early signup links or code private except the two families if any?