RI, Newport Beaches

28Nov 2019

Good morning everyone happy Thanksgiving! We have some fun waves out there at the moment waist to chest high clean with NW winds 21mph with gusts up to 30mph. Wave height will drop today to knee high with thigh high sets at the right sandbar. Wind will lighten up to high teens and remain offshore […]

01Nov 2019

Good morning everyone we have some solid swell coming in today shoulder-foot overhead this morning with winds from the West at 13mph with gusts up to 21mph. Wave height will drop slowly throughout the day ending with solid shoulder high surf.

30Sep 2019

Good morning everyone we have some decent surf out there waist high with NE winds at 9mph creating clean conditions. Wave height will slightly build for this evening to stomach high and winds will continue from the NE.

26Sep 2019

Good morning everyone waves are shrinking today to knee-waist high with SW winds at 9mph creating mushy conditions. Size will drop throughout the day finishing up with knee-thigh.

25Sep 2019

Fun waist-chest waves out there this morning with W winds at 5mph creating beautiful clean conditions on this sunny day. Wave height will stay consistent throughout the day with winds staying offshore all day as well.

24Sep 2019

Good morning everyone we have some small but fun surf coming in today solid waist high with some stomach high sets. Conditions are clean with winds coming out of the W at 7mph. Wave height will stay consistent throughout the day ending the day with more stomach high range.

19Sep 2019

Goodmorning everyone the swell is starting to fill in this morning knee-thigh high with waist high sets coming in with this incoming tide. Wind is coming out of the north at 8mph with gusts up to 15mph. Wave height will stay consistent all day and wind speed will stay the same until sunset with winds […]

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